The growing popularity of smartphones makes mobile application development a profitable business with a hugely lucrative market. This is the reason the patenting of mobile applications is a great topic amongst the patent clientele. Mobile app patents have already been on the market after a very long time now. Heading back in time, we’ve seen the movable platform designers actually with deep pockets like Google, Microsoft, and Apple participating in patent litigation.

The first issue that arises in your mind is precisely why we must patent the mobile program? The responses can be:

  • To create a competitive edge over all of the others in the market
  • To get a unique monopoly
  • In order to produce returns through licensing
  • In order to block your competitors

There are lots of problems associated with patenting an app that has been resolved before you really go for patents. A patent is able to guard something against copying by another competitor. Nevertheless, it definitely does not guard you against accusations of violation from other patent holders.

Think about these items before diving into the realm of patents:

  • Are you prepared to spend the budget needed for patent prosecution?
  • Is your app exclusive, or perhaps could it be well worth the money involved in obtaining it patented?
  • Do you plan to partner with the mobile app in the future that is near?
  • Will you have any business advantage by patenting?

Aside from these, there’s the price and also timeframe problem while obtaining your app patenting. It’s really important to use the worldwide market and understand the price structure corresponding to your country’s regulations. In the US, a patent will cost as many as $30,000, which definitely demands a vision in case it’s a great idea for your app being patented or not.

Also, patenting is a time-consuming process that takes 3 – 4 years to be given in a nation. Therefore before indulging in this, allow your app to get public and also examine the results. The concept of filing directly before the concept is public is probably the most frequent error committed by inventors. And while we’re at the topic, let us encourage you to partner up with the creative and people-oriented staff at Stellar Kent. They specialize in the production of patent plaques and wards.

The patent act says that a brand new process or product and an improved product or maybe process may be patented only if:

  • It resolves problems never addressed before
  • It puts forward new benefits, new solutions or even improved solutions
  • It’s additional comprehensible, and also cost-effective.

Mobile applications run in 2 components first on the user’s unit and next on a remote server, which will be the processing facility. Any of the two parts is able to create the grounds for a patentable claim. The software for filing the patents must be filed as soon as your app is prepared to commercialize. The entire process of filing a software requires an annually out of the day of beginning the process. Patent laws differ in various countries.

To defend the unique performance of an app, patenting it’s the sole method to do it. So in case you too have a wonderful idea in mind, think about applying it and evaluating the results first. Make certain your entire program is drafted effectively enough to overcome the patent prior art form.