Corporate videos can be an effective way to increase consumer engagement, click-through rates, site traffic and brand recognition – as well as generate new business.

Videos are significantly cheaper and simpler to produce than traditional marketing media, providing information in an engaging format more quickly than static photos could do.

Increased Sales

Video has the unique power to evoke emotional responses in viewers and connect them to your company and its message, thus helping build trust with audiences and eventually leading to higher sales conversion rates and traffic increases.

Corporate video production companies provide businesses with an opportunity to tell an engaging narrative that resonates with its target audience, such as showing its human side or providing testimonial videos. Such content is particularly effective because consumers tend to buy from companies which share similar values and beliefs as themselves.

Companies can utilize corporate videos to clarify complex ideas or products for customers, using animation or live action demonstrations. Videos tend to be more engaging than text when conveying large amounts of information quickly – making them ideal for explaining complex subjects or processes quickly and efficiently. Plus, videos can easily be shared online via search engines making them an indispensable component of any website.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Corporate video production presents your business in its best light. When combined with an effective marketing plan, this type of content can be one of the most efficient methods of increasing brand recognition and sales.

Whatever your goal may be – increasing brand recognition, highlighting team members or product/service launches – corporate videos offer an effective and cost-efficient solution to communicate the message of your organization or event. Videos also tend to keep an audience’s attention longer, prompting more sharing by viewers themselves.

According to the experts at, video can also serve as an excellent way to communicate your company values. From interview-style videos and testimonials, to promotional campaigns that highlight them – all can help customers connect more deeply with your brand, increasing sales potential.

If you’re creating a corporate video, we advise beginning with an efficient pre-production process in order to meet all your expectations and meet goals. By gathering key decision makers early on and outlining a storyboard with key shots, revisions can be minimized while saving time.

Increased Customer Loyalty

People tend to purchase from companies they feel a strong connection with. Corporate video production can help companies form these relationships by showing the human side of a business – this may include behind-the-scenes footage of operations or interviews with staff members – while simultaneously sharing values and mission.

Pre-production is a crucial aspect of corporate video production. This term refers to all the work that takes place prior to filming starting – creating storyboards, identifying locations and hiring special equipment are just a few tasks which make up this step – it will have a dramatic impact on the final product if done right!

Explainer videos are another type of corporate video used to break down complex ideas into easy-to-understand content, often through animation, illustration, or live action demonstration. They’re often used to clarify new business concepts or explain product benefits – an effective example would be this explainer video from SwiftPass which uses animations to describe their service.

Increased Brand Awareness

Corporate video production is one of the best ways to raise brand recognition for your business. Video allows you to share the story behind your products and services while building stronger brand identity online. Videos have quickly become an essential element in digital marketing strategies due to their engaging nature: increasing engagement while helping viewers remember your brand name and encouraging organic entries into sales funnels.

Corporate videos can be an effective tool for business promotion, event advertising and even sales pitches. They come in all kinds of formats from interviews with employees and customers, case studies and animation to animation – making the corporate video your own and lasting as long as desired! Commercials usually fall within 30-60 seconds but corporate videos have no such restrictions – they’re freeform.

Successful corporate video production starts with engaging the decision makers of your organization in the pre-production phase, which can save both money and headaches later. By having everyone agree on scripts and storyboards with key shots early on, revision costs will be minimized and project completion won’t be delayed; this is particularly crucial in larger companies with multiple stakeholders with differing opinions.

Increased Customer Engagement

Substantial evidence supports the importance of including video in any company’s marketing strategy. According to HubSpot’s statistics, websites with corporate videos experience an 80 percent increase in dwell time while including them in emails increases click-through rates by 200 percent.

Corporate videos are used to convey the story, values and mission of an organization to its target market. Such videos often feature testimonials, case studies, employee and customer interviews as well as company impact assessments demonstrating its influence in both customers’ lives and on society as a whole.

Pre-production for corporate videos begins with pre-planning. Here, the concept for the video will be defined, scripts written and storyboards drawn up. Furthermore, locations for shoots will be researched by conducting recces of said areas to identify any issues such as ambient noise levels, lighting or glare that could impact filming.

Post-production involves editing of footage, graphics and animations as needed and finally producing a final version for delivery to clients. Depending on budgetary restrictions, companies may employ in-house videographers or hire an external video production agency to craft their corporate video.

Increased Social Media Engagement

Corporate video production has quickly become an essential element in most companies’ communications and marketing strategies, from explainer videos to live streaming and social media posts – consumers clearly prefer video-based marketing!

Corporate videos can have a powerful impact on brand recognition and trust, while also helping your SEO strategy as Google places a high value on websites with video content.

Videos are an effective way of providing information to employees and customers alike, keeping them abreast of developments at your company and keeping them informed. This can be particularly helpful in larger companies where effective internal communication may prove challenging. Videos can also help build brand loyalty by showing customers that the business appreciates them and their business. Videos can do this by answering frequently asked questions, offering helpful tutorials or simply showing appreciation. By creating this environment, companies can make customers feel as if they’re part of something bigger, and their support is valued. This creates a positive association between customer and brand which could eventually result in long-term customer loyalty.

Increased SEO

Corporate video production is an effective way to both build brand recognition and connect with consumers on an emotional level. By producing a video that shares your company’s story, it allows viewers to understand the beliefs that drive it. Furthermore, video has proven itself an engaging medium on the web with this medium expected to outshone text-based content by 2021.

Video content can also be an effective SEO strategy. Studies have demonstrated that websites featuring videos rank higher on search engines, and are more likely to remain at the top of results pages. Videos posted to social media allow viewers to share them, further expanding your visibility and exposure.

An effective corporate video production can help your marketing goals. From explainer videos and case study videos, to time-lapse and promotional videos, the right production company can assist in meeting them through innovative video content creation. Get started today – contact an expert from one of the top video production firms and they’ll offer tips and resources that’ll ensure you produce an amazing video for your business!