The 2022-2023 NBA season will soon commence, bringing fans another thrilling year of incredible plays on the hardwood. Tickets for home games can now be purchased.

Digital ticketing has quickly become an integral component of fan experiences, saving time, eliminating paper exchanges and decreasing points of contact.


Basketball is an entertaining and energetic game that is both easy and thrilling to watch or play, making for an immersive and immersive experience. While its rules may be straightforward, every play takes careful planning and strategy – and nothing beats experiencing it live and in person this season! Luckily there will be numerous opportunities available to catch some incredible hoops action.

The 2022-2023 NBA season will return with a full 82-game schedule that culminates with the playoffs. Thanks to a new generation of star players, NBA popularity is at its all-time high; tickets are easy to buy and resell making this sport one of America’s most accessible sports.

An online ticket provider makes purchasing tickets for games easier for fans and athletic administrators alike, while helping prevent lost tickets by eliminating cash transactions or long lines at ticket windows. An electronic ticketing system also saves fans the hassle of carrying cash or waiting in line, and helps prevent lost tickets; but athletic directors should ensure they educate the community on how best to utilize this new system and what steps can be taken if a problem arises.

An online ticketing provider also allows teams to offer various payment options, from accepting cash at the stadium to offering mobile apps allowing fans to transfer tickets between friends or allowing people to pay using credit cards, PayPal and Venmo among others. This helps teams reduce lines at their venue while increasing capacity while providing increased fan security.

Online ticketing providers not only make buying tickets convenient for fans, but can also save money by reducing staff needs at a stadium or arena. This can be especially useful during high-demand games that would otherwise need additional staffers to manage crowd control. Furthermore, this helps teams avoid printing and distributing paper tickets that incur printing and labor costs as well.

Popular ticket resale sites provide users with features that enable them to both sell and buy tickets, while managing their accounts. Some allow users to select their own price for selling tickets as well as specify delivery method; furthermore, these websites feature exceptional customer support that can assist any issues that arise during this process. If you need tickets to the NBA, you can check out Barry’s Ticket Service for great seats.


Secure ticketing systems help athletic administrators maintain the reputation of their school by preventing the sale of counterfeit or overpriced tickets and encouraging social distancing where necessary by allocating tickets to specific sections of their stadium. Students should always purchase tickets using credit cards online to protect both personal financial data as well as receive additional consumer protections not available when buying cash or checks.


Implementing online ticketing for high school athletic programs is often a great time-saver for staff members. Gone are the days of reconciling transactions manually at ticket booths or counting money at each transaction; now everything can be instantly accounted for and visible to administration, enabling schools to track attendance and revenue streams for special events like homecoming, senior night or playoff contests.

At digital ticketing events, digital tickets also reduce paperwork while decreasing points of contact for fans. Paper tickets may pass hands several times before reaching the gate and this increases safety risks; paying cash can pose similar concerns; according to one Federal Reserve study physical currency turns over 55 times before reaching its cashbox! However with digital ticketing fans can store tickets directly onto their phone which they present at the entrance reducing exposure or handling by potentially infectious people at each transfer point.

Keep in mind, however, that not all fans can access their tickets digitally; some still prefer buying in person at the box office. Therefore, having a plan ready for these individuals – such as charging an additional surcharge for purchasing them this way or providing the option – may be essential in providing access to tickets for them all.

Season Ticket Holders can anticipate receiving their printed tickets 15-35 days before each season begins, while single game tickets should become available through CSU Account Manager approximately 30 days prior to every game.


Online ticketing enables tickets to be instantly tracked and accessible on an electronic device, eliminating paper tickets that could potentially become lost or stolen and providing athletic administrators with real-time data about how many patrons attend an event at any one time, enabling them to prepare accordingly and, when needed, encourage social distancing measures.

Digital ticketing enables schools to tailor ticket options specifically to each fan. For instance, season ticket packages might come with unique links that only can be accessed by their original purchaser or shared with their friends for maximum control over who attends events. Furthermore, tickets might automatically be added to Apple Wallet or Google Pay accounts so fans can show their mobile device at the gate to gain entry.

Digital ticketing goes beyond convenience measures to streamline financial reporting more effectively. School staff can easily see exactly who has entered a venue and spent money when everything is digital compared to cash transactions that require counting by hand and may lead to errors and fraud.

As it pertains to high school sports programs, using an online ticketing process may take some time for fans and parents alike, but once set-up it can save everyone involved time. With COVID-19 quickly evolving into reality, reducing unnecessary points of contact is one of the best safety precautions high schools can take.

Individual game tickets will be delivered to your CSU Account Manager approximately 15-35 days before the season starts. Husky Value single game tickets and Flex Pack Vouchers provide flexibility at an affordable single-game price for men’s and women’s basketball games played at Gampel Pavilion and XL Center.