Are you unsuccessful in cultivating indoor plants? Don’t despair because succulents are here. Succulents are plants with thick leaves and stems. These plant parts are very good at retaining water so they are able to survive dry weather conditions like in deserts.

Succulents derived their name from the Latin word “sucus” which means ‘juice’, like from a fruit.

Succulents are your next best thing to house plants because they easily live indoors. They survive indoor conditions effortlessly. But before you get too excited and start buying them for your home, here are helpful tips that will make you an expert in growing succulents.

Choose the perfect soil. Succulents thrive in a sandy soil. You can buy this from garden supplies or create your own sandy soil. Buy sand and soil in equal portions and mix them thoroughly.

Test the soil if it’s the right mix by putting some water in it. Squeeze the mixture and if it falls apart, you have mixed it correctly.

Succulents do not need a particular type of pot. In fact, you can use any type of pot, even decorative ones. Just remember to put them in shallow containers because their roots are short, and they don’t grow much. Make sure your containers have holes at the bottom to drain excess water because succulents hate soil that is overly wet.

Be careful when watering succulents. As mentioned, they do not like very wet soil. They thrive in almost dry conditions so do not water them frequently. Besides, they do not need frequent watering because their leaves and roots are thick and can retain a lot of water sufficient for their needs.

You will know when succulents need water by examining the soil. When you don’t feel any moisture in it, it’s time for water. Succulents also lose their shine on their leaves if it lacks water. It could also appear ‘dehydrated’ or wilted.

Feed succulents with fertilizer during the hottest months of the year. They grow the fastest during this time, including springtime. Their growth slows down during fall, and totally stops come winter months.

You can give them fertilizer three of four times during the hottest season. Houseplant fertilizers will do the job. Just make sure you give it in small doses, about half the amount you give to regular houseplants.

Succulents need light. Yes, they do thrive indoors but they also need sunlight in order to survive. The best light usually come from the west or south, so if you have windows facing these directions, that’s where you should place your succulents. They do not need to get exposed to direct sunlight.

They just need to feel its warm glow. You may also take them outside the house during summer or spring so they receive a good dose of sun rays. Make sure you place them in a protected area, away from the direct heat of the sun.

You can combine succulents in one pot. Just make sure the succulents you plant together have the same growth rate and maintenance requirements.