The mountain biking business is massive and growing every year. The number of bicycles plus accessories is great plus one may invest lots of money outfitting themselves with gear. For a newbie simply selecting the correct bike fitting their riding budget and style could be confusing.

When it involves the accessories presently there are several products that are just as important to buy as is the bicycle itself. A novice on the budget has to include the expense of a few important products into the price of the motorcycle. You will find accessories which are “nice to have” things and then you will find “have to have” things. Below is a summary of the things that each beginner must buy before hitting the trails.

The Helmet

This is the most crucial accessory to purchase. Every mountain biker must certainly not get on their bicycle without wearing one. Not wearing one may lead to an extremely serious injury. Helmets are not so costly but with regards to safety, they’re invaluable. You will find an affordable and top-grade helmet on Helmet Hunt–your number resource for all things helmets and other gear!

Eye Protection

Many novices ignore this particular purchase at first. When they get prepared to reach the trail just for the very first time happens when the idea comes to mind to get a set of sunglasses. If the sunglasses are created for sport and also feature shatterproof lenses they’re good. But what if they’re not or perhaps what if it’s overcast and cloudy? A mountain biker should have as a minimum two pairs of sharp or even near clear safety glasses created for sports.

These will discuss all weather conditions, sunny and cloudy. Additionally, they guard the eyes against limbs, other objects, and bugs. If the budget provides for a second pair and then go for a set of sunglasses designed for sport too.

Mountain Bike Gloves

At some stage, you’re likely to crash and pretty much every time your hands want to be before you take the very first effect. Without proper gloves, the effect is usually further and bloody rather gripping of the handlebars is painful. Gloves are vital to safeguard your hands and should be used.


You’re likely to have to have water regularly. Generally, on the trail, there’s no place to purchase it so carrying it along with you is vitally important. As a minimum, you have to purchase a frame-mounted cage and bottle. These are incredibly cheap. If the budget permits then purchase a hydration backpack. These carry much more water and in addition allow for the storage of various other products as energy bars.


No matter exactly how good your motorcycle is maintained it is going to encounter a malfunction on the trail at some stage. Most likely it is going to be a flat tire or maybe a broken chain. Multi instruments are available especially for performing maintenance on the trail. There are many ones and not all would be the same. Along with the regular hex keys and owners found on most of them, you must pick something which has a chain break tool and also tire levers.

If not then you will purchase these separately. You also are going to need to have a hose repair kit as well as the essential items to address your chain. Ask your dealer of the website link repair items required based upon the chain manufacturer. You’re in addition planning to require a frame-mounted small pump to refill flat tires.

First Aid

Build a tiny first-aid kit and use a little zip lock bag for storage. A roll of gauze, first-aid cream, tape, plus certain band-aids must be incorporated. If you have the room, include a little 6oz squeeze container of hydrogen peroxide which is going to be good to cleanse the dirt from scrapped up elbows and knees.

You will find lots of different things that a new rider is outfitted with though these things must be seen as important. You are going to need to utilize every one of these things someday, that’s a guarantee so do not be there without them over the initial day.