From Hogwarts to Amelie’s cafe in Paris, there are dozens of iconic movie locations you can visit IRL – here are 10 reasons why it would be beneficial.

Indiana Jones fans should visit Petra, Jordan for their Holy Grail: Al Khazneh is a massive sandstone temple and should definitely make their travel list as one of their bucket-list destinations.

1. You’ll Feel Like You’re in the Movie

Film locations offer an immersive journey into your favorite films and TV shows. From the foyer that inspired Walter White’s home in Breaking Bad to the beach from Lost, visiting movie locations is an enjoyable way to immerse yourself into Hollywood’s famous filming spots in person.

Real-life locations used in movies may not offer as grand of an experience as set pieces do, yet still provide viewers with a realistic experience. You could visit Martha’s Vineyard where Jaws took place or Scotland’s Doune Castle where Steven Spielberg shot King Arthur for 1975’s E.T. If that wasn’t enough realism for you, take a tour of Wheelock College (merged into Boston University in 2018) where Mark Zuckerberg attended school in The Social Network movie or take a tour of Los Angeles Getty Center which served as Starfleet headquarters during E.T.

2. You’ll Be a Part of History

Locations used in movies provide more than just an opportunity for photo opps; they allow us to become part of history. If you love Star Wars, for instance, visit Ahch-To, the fictional planet explored by Luke Skywalker and Rey in recent films; its mysterious landscape can actually be found at Skellig Michael in Ireland where an ancient Gaelic monastery dates back 1,500 years!

Visitors to Historic Deerfield in Massachusetts where Louisa May Alcott wrote her classic novel Little Women can visit the actual location where Louisa May Alcott composed it; or travel to Charleston where Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams co-starred in The Notebook tearjerker film and witness their bike chase scene with allie cycling toward Noah in The Notebook film as well as seeing where Allie cycled away and shared an unexpected rain-soaked kiss!

3. You’ll Get to Experience the Action

If you’ve ever wanted to feel immersed in a movie’s action, visiting real life film locations is a fantastic way of doing just that. For example, fans of “Field of Dreams” can visit Dyersville baseball field in Iowa where it was shot – now an established tourist attraction and sure to delight any baseball enthusiast! For fans of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, Al Khazneh Temple can provide a fantastic visual backdrop used as part of many action sequences from that filming experience!

4. You’ll Be a Part of the Story

Walking into real-life movie locations like Ouarzazate is like taking a journey into your favorite show or movie – you’ll experience walking the same streets where your characters walk or standing before the house where all of the magic (allegedly) occurs.

Visit the actual house from Full House in California, or go to the beach featured in Lost. Horror fans may wish to jump off of Martha’s Vineyard bridge where Steven Spielberg shot Jaws for an adrenaline rush!

History buffs may enjoy visiting Ohio State Reformatory, which mirrors Shawshank prison where Andy Dufresne escaped in The Shawshank Redemption, or romantic tearjerkers can visit Charleston plantations where The Notebook was filmed; you could even rent out Allie and Noah’s first meeting home!

5. You’ll Get to Meet the Cast

Filming locations give movie fans an exciting opportunity to visit some of their favorite movie and television show shoot locations, whether that means visiting Walter White’s house or Rocky’s staircase – there are countless filming locations across the nation for you to visit!

Visit the beach where Jack Sparrow and Will Smith searched for the Fountain of Youth in Pirates of the Caribbean IV; that scene was shot in Puerto Rico with Castillo San Cristobal and Arecibo Observatory serving as backdrops.

Visit these filming locations as a great way to meet the stars of your favorite movies and TV shows, or maybe even catch sight of a celebrity! For instance, dining at Los Angeles’ Formosa Cafe where scenes from L.A. Confidential were shot may even reveal Bill Hader or Johnny Depp!

6. You’ll Be a Part of the Scene

Filming locations add so much to a movie experience; whether you want to dance in front of East High or dine where Bill Murray kept waking up during Groundhog Day, there are numerous movie spots you can visit in person.

Visit the real home that served as the backdrop of the 1993 comedy Mrs. Doubtfire in Cleveland, Ohio – now sold but you can still tour its grounds and take photographs!

Visit Petra, Jordan to see the real sandstone temple that doubled for Canyon of the Crescent Moon in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade; or stop by Chicago train station where John Dillinger was shot down in Public Enemies or L.A. landmark that doubled as Starfleet Headquarters in 2013’s Star Trek: Into Darkness for some more entertainment!

7. You’ll Be a Part of the Music

Nothing beats visiting the real-life locations of your favorite movies or television shows! From East High to becoming an honorary Tanner or running up Rocky’s staircase, there are numerous filming locations across the United States you can visit to make your experience complete.

Those looking to see Napoleon Dynamite can visit Preston, Idaho to see its replica of his home from the film; or for 1989’s Field of Dreams you can visit Dyersville Iowa where there’s an actual baseball field from Dyersville Iowa! Additionally, many filming locations feature museums or guided tours so this could be an excellent opportunity to gain more insight into filmmaking!

8. You’ll Be a Part of the Environment

Filmmakers take great care in selecting locations that complement the script and allow audiences to suspend disbelief. Exploring these sites is like taking a journey back in time into your favorite films and shows!

From Ralphie’s home from A Christmas Story to Bruce Wayne’s mansion from The Dark Knight Rises and its museum, there are numerous iconic movie locations you can visit right now.

Visit Salem, Massachusetts where Allison from Hocus Pocus lived; or travel to Preston, Idaho – home of Napoleon Dynamite’s inspiration. Or live like Ferris Bueller by staying in the apartment building used for its opening shots in Hocus Pocus!

9. You’ll Be a Part of the Culture

Movie lovers often relish seeing the real-world locations from their favorite films – from visiting The Terminator diner or Ralphie’s bedroom from A Christmas Story – as it feels like entering another story! Seeing real locations of films brings to life their story; visiting these landmarks feels like taking part in it yourself!

Fans of Napoleon Dynamite can visit Preston, Idaho to view some of the homes featured in the film as well as its high school and Pop ‘N’ Pins bowling alley.

Or travel to Chicago to view the houseboat used in Bridget Jones’ Diary or Stoke Park to relive Tom Hanks’ rowing scene from Forrest Gump. Additionally, ride The Wizard of Oz’s train at Illinois Railway Museum! There is something here for everyone! The possibilities are limitless!

10. You’ll Be a Part of the Community

Visit a film location for the ultimate movie or TV show experience – whether that means horror flicks, Tolkien-inspired fantasy stories or even pop culture icons like Iron Man 3! With everything from horror flicks to Tolkien-esque tales on offer here, there’s sure to be something memorable here for all movie buffs and fantasy enthusiasts.

Walk in Salem as your favorite characters do; become an honorary Tanner; run up stairs like Rocky; from Hocus Pocus’ house to Downton Abbey’s set, these movie locations will give you a true taste of pop culture like never before!

Have you always dreamed of visiting the church where Meryl Streep began her wildly joyful rendition in Mamma Mia or running down the steps at New York Public Library like Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler in Ghostbusters did? If so, now is your chance!